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10 Signs Of Real Love In A Relationship

Here we will talk about the 10 signs of real love in a relationship. Regular dating is a fun process where two people get to know each other, flirt, socialise together and share good times and fun. Male/Female, Female/Female Male/Male, the same rules applies. Strong Attraction Connection Happiness Trust & Intimacy Mutual Feelings Deep Passion …

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What Do Women Look For In A Man?">Women who are open to dating are looking for fun and adventure. They like to try new things and view a different perspective. Intelligence and sense of humour are top of the list. Asides that, women like confident men who can. *Read Dating Safety Tips & Advertising Disclosure. What Do Women Like In Men? What do women like …

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Are Online Marriage Sites Real?

Online Marriage Sites are aimed at the sugar daddy market. Young ladies from Russia and Asia are seeking a better life and traditional marriage. This is the culture in many countries and it works! *Read Dating Safety Tips & Advertising Disclosure. Most of these women are brought up with older traditions and will be taught how to look …

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Dating Fire Signs

Here’s some dating tips when dating fire signs! Astrology fire signs are: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. They are always warm and caring but might not always show it. They are sexy and they most certainly know it! *Read Dating Safety Tips & Advertising Disclosure. Fire signs are usually busy with multiple tasks and possibly living multiple lives! You …

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How To Attract Someone And Keep Them Interested!

How to attract someone and keep them interested. These were the general rules when I was dating, though attitudes have changed and people are generally less patient. Yet good things are worth waiting for. So it’s entirely up to you how you behave on a date. But these are some golden oldies and common sense …