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Be Openminded And Try New Things

A great way to start a new relationship or keep the current one alive is to have regular changes in social life and bedroom life. When you make some spare time for each other, love becomes play and play becomes love.

The art of love is to share joy and fun. So, if you’re dating someone and you are pretty sure you dislike something before even trying it, that might be a kill joy. Just giving things a chance is the way to be in any relationship.

I’m a life coach and I am aware how easy it is for people to get stuck in a rut or just avoid certain things they THINK they won’t like. Give that closet a SPRING CLEAN and get something new going on! Having a healthy taste for adventure and showing some willingness is a great aphrodisiac/turn on.

While it’s important not to impose or force people to try new things, it’s equally important for people to trust their partners and give things a fair go.

If you’re choosing or deciding on a new partner, the same applies. Try to be more open minded and listen to the other persons ideas. Do something different, it’s time for a change!

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