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Dating Fire Signs

Here’s some dating tips when dating fire signs! Astrology fire signs are: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. They are always warm and caring but might not always show it. They are sexy and they most certainly know it!

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Fire signs are usually busy with multiple tasks and possibly living multiple lives! You can never tell with a fire sign.

They’ll usually look for someone who can keep them on an even keel. A yin to their yang. Though they don’t like feeling tied down, their partner should compliment their nature with reliability and affection.

Fire signs can go from 0-60 in a few seconds. Its best not to tease or anger them too much!

An ideal partner will always tell the truth but be sweet about it.

They dislike arguing, criticisms and personal remarks. They like respect and positivity.

PC politically correct and fair at every turn, sensitive, caring and kind. Fire signs will fight for what they believe is right or fight for the weaker person.

Self discipline, work before play is the motto. But they often play harder!

Their sex life might be a little risqué or adventurous. And they have a lot of excess energy in the bedroom. Play fighting is also fun for fire signs. Sex is considered a sport or joyful hobby.

They may also have a rich taste or diet. Reminding them of healthy options will be appreciated.

Remember to be forgiving with fire signs. They are always forgiving of others. But they never forget.

  • And if anythings for sure, you’ll never forget a fire sign!
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