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Dating To Relationship When Does It Happen?

Dating To Relationship Months, Years?

Dating to relationship time line. – Usually at the start when two people meet they know whether things are going to work out between them, dating is the working things out part. Dating can also be a polite way of hooking up. You know that it won’t work out but you enjoy some sexy fun and genuinely like that person (but not enough to share your life).

Building A Solid Relationship Takes Time

A relationship that starts overnight isn’t going to last. A real relationship will take many months or years to flourish.

The contract of relationship begins when the man or the woman makes their expectations clearly known. They say what they want and want their feelings and wants to be valued and respected. Communication is crucial. They will have a lot more fun than dramas and will smile non-stop in each others company. When in a relationship you begin to open up and share feelings and build trust. It’s better to start a relationship first, before the sex. Many people can not wait and rush in. Those who are shy take longer to share their feelings.

Trust & Respect

Self respect and mutual respect are both essential for a healthy relationship. You also trust yourself and your own capabilities (independent) and able to help and care for others.

When both people have strong feelings for each other and want to be in each others lives or help each other then there is usually something going on there that is more than just A PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP. So be patient and don’t rush or spoil anything.

Fakes & Flakes

If someone is dating you with the sole intention of sleeping with you, you will know because they will be extra nice and say more than they do. Talk is cheap. It’s those who stick around that matter.

Anger Or Nervousness

When the man acts nervous or does something mean, it also means he has a lot of feelings or desires. They can become angered. And the same can be said with women, not most women but some. But keep that at bay.

Some people just act childishly when they don’t get what they want, so know the difference.

Tread Carefully

“We always hurt the ones we love”. It depends on how healthy the upbringing to! So get to know one another FIRST. Get to know yourself and sort out your luggage. Don’t bring it along for the people you date. Be honest about it and do what you need to do to improve your situation and realistic goals. Discuss the things you enjoy and ask questions about children, ask lots of questions about the person you’re dating. And be careful with them. This could be the one!

When you’re in love, you may act foolishly and hurt someone, but if you truly love them, you never will. Or if you did you learn from the mistake. You forgive each other, look at the positives, learn and build together.

Be Loving

A relationship means that you love and trust someone and you will never hurt them, you just want to share your joy.

When you can’t stop thinking about the other person and they can’t stop thinking about you and you do something to make it real and concrete. We can always daydream, but a relationship is when both parties do what it takes, takes action to be together and stay together.

When two people want to be together they will ignore what others say and will come together, as the fate is unavoidable.

That’s the beauty of LOVE.

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