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How To Attract Someone And Keep Them Interested!

How to attract someone and keep them interested. These were the general rules when I was dating, though attitudes have changed and people are generally less patient. Yet good things are worth waiting for. So it’s entirely up to you how you behave on a date. But these are some golden oldies and common sense dating rules and dating tips.

*Read Dating Safety Tips & Advertising Disclosure.

20 dating rules to remember

  • Show confidence and be yourself
  • Always pay attention to your date
  • Ask questions and show interest
  • Remain courteous, well mannered
  • Have a GSOH good sense of humour
  • Be warm, friendly and sweet
  • Don’t pass judgement or talk badly
  • Skip the serious stuff on first dates
  • Smile when things go quiet
  • Wear practical/comfortable attire
  • Mention other people as well as you
  • Try not to brag or boast too much
  • Don’t talk shop while on a date
  • Avoid talking about ex’s unless asked
  • Be in the moment and try to enjoy it
  • Leave out details of your other dates
  • Don’t fidget, worry, ask how you look
  • Stay cool and respect boundaries
  • Make your first date/s memorable
  • Leave them wanting more!

Stay positive and remember to show your better qualities. Nerves can affect our behaviour at times and this can sometimes cause embarrassment. But that is no reason to avoid dating. In fact, its even more reason to date! Keep trying. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! So NEVER GIVE UP!

Show your sensitive side! Women don’t like tough guys all of the time. Showing weakness is something else all together, which I don’t recommend. Emotional vulnerability is really about being honest about who you are and how you feel at the given time. Try not to talk too much about the past and focus on the future.

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