how to mend a broken heart
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How To Mend A Broken Heart

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a bit of time when a relationship breaks down. When a relationship breaks down quite suddenly it can be very hard. We need to process what happened and why it happened..

Though it might not seem it at the time, it’s likely the best thing that can happen. This opens the doorway for new experiences and self growth.

I’m a firm believer in lessons of love. We are here primarily to learn how to love and accept others (and ourselves). The more we accept what has happened and move forward happily, the more we can love others and ourselves.

We don’t always get a warning and the relationship breaks down on us. But if we take a closer look, we can see there were signs long before.

Unfortunate circumstances are often the cause and if both partners didn’t make an effort to fix it, that is the most likely reason for a sudden break up. One partner is deeply unsatisfied or depressed and finds happiness elsewhere! People try and try until they feel hopeless and turn their back. This can bring about a lot of frustration and contempt. If the circumstances change, the relationship mends okay. But when one of you finally has enough, it ends quickly.

Try to improve your communication skills, manners and patience in the next relationship. Don’t rush into dating. If it’s casual and the other person is also looking for a casual relationship, fair enough. But if they aren’t, don’t play them around or lie about it.

People tend to lie when they want something like sex or companionship. You want people to like you and everything. But being honest is far more respectable and gets you somewhere closer to where you want to be.

Stay Busy

Stay as busy as possible when you come out of a relationship or lose someone that was close to you. Try not to mope around. And get out there and meet new people.

Remember that you’re lovable and it is just that single relationship that is over. Not your life. You may have made dreams or had plans with that person. But if it was going to happen, it would have.

Cease Contact!

We all have sent a drunken text message or two to our ex. But if you want to be happy in the future, forget about the person who has hurt or upset you. You may wish to get closure but it’s better to just focus on you and the future!

Sometimes its really hard to ignore them or not contact them, but the sooner this happens, the sooner you’ll both move on and be happy again.

Reconciliation CAN happen where space is allowed and circumstances improve or change. But don’t put your bottom dollar on it. If you both miss each other equally, take things at a very slow pace and staying friends IS NOT making up. Protect your feelings at all costs if you’ve been jilted or let down. It does take time to heal your emotions and talking about it can help. Be honest with yourself at least.

Be honest with any potential new date if its just for fun or you are only seeking friendships.

Friendship is the best place to find true connections and possible romance. Make friends today!

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