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Online Dating Safety Tips

How to stay safe when dating online

Online dating safety tips and how to stay safe when dating online. Read this and it should help you stay safe when dating for the first time. It’s always best to chat first and get to know the other person. Never give out your home address or work details. That includes the street name or adjacent street. You might decide to give out your number when you finally arrange to meet. This should be in a public place, where its safe day & night.

Never feel pressured

You can go on your date whenever you’re ready and never feel pushed into it , guilted or intimidated to rush into anything you dont want to. Like giving out more details than you ordinarily would, anything you feel is inappropriate or not right is usually a sign to leave. This not only includes pushy or suspicious behaviour but anything you sense is not right.

Red flags in dating

  • Grandiose Behaviour/Controlling
  • Sudden Moodiness & Anger
  • Many Excuses, Stories & Lies
  • Lateness/Expects You To Pay
  • Talk About Themselves A Lot
  • Seem Very Troubled Or Worried
  • Keep Looking Away Or At Watch
  • Strange Faces Or Looks
  • Stares At Your Body Parts For Long
  • Poor Eye Contact
  • Gets Upset Over Nothing
  • Does Not Listen Properly
  • Only Has A Single Agenda/Plans
  • Acts Deviously/Hesitantly Answering
  • Only Responds Positively About Them
  • Blinks Or Closes Their Eyes Often
  • Avoids Talking About Sex/Relationships

While the majority are out here dating too, remember, that minority figure is real.

Some people could have anything going on in their minds that could be far more sinister than a casual relationship or a naughty date. It’s really important that people realise (both females and males) the risks involved in online dating.

Avoid getting into cars, apartments with any stranger. That goes without saying! Wait until you feel more comfortable being around that person and share mutual feelings of attraction and emotional connection.

Avoid dating anyone you think may turn out to be trashy. It’s not wait and see if you were right or see their better side, it’s why risk it?

If you go on a hook up dating site or decide to take things one step further, make sure to let someone know where you’ll be at and what time to expect you back home.

Go on a double date and view your dates before introducing yourself. Arrive early, be fashionably late.

Check out a bit of their back story or memorise a few lines. Test later to see if everything adds up.

Don’t give too much away about your living circumstances, whether you live alone or renting, children’s names, schools or ages or anything that could possibly do you or your family harm. At least give these things some thought. Would you want a stranger to know all of these details?

Get to know them. Usually by the 3rd date you will know their intentions.

Always watch your drink and bag/purse/wallet and never leave them unattended. Not even for a bathroom call. They can find your address on your ID.

Let someone know if you do decide to spend the night together. Make sure they know you let someone know too.

These common sense things that can save heartache later on.

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