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What Do Women Look For In A Man?">Women who are open to dating are looking for fun and adventure. They like to try new things and view a different perspective. Intelligence and sense of humour are top of the list. Asides that, women like confident men who can.

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What Do Women Like In Men?

What do women like in men/look for in a man? The answer is easy! What women like is to be in company that’s easy to get along with, self assured, capable, funny and where they feel very comfortable, confident and considered. Respect their space, allow them to be themselves and live their own lives. Most women have the same things to consider as men, which often includes family, friends, holidays, hobbies, work and downtime. Remember everyone needs a little bit of space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

1. Real women are drawn to is intelligence

2. women are drawn to is caring personality

But not all women are the same!

Independent">women are looking for the same things you are, where as traditional women are hoping to find someone financially stable and reliable. They will be more satisfied in a home environment. So with that in mind, if you decide to use a dating site, use one that is suitable for your needs. And select women who share similar values.

There are numerous casual dating sites out there. And while these can lead to no strings fun, there will likely be no long term involvement. It is better if you talk for a long time and build some trust with the opposite sex.

Young women focus on ambition & career goals

Mature women want to build a loving home

How to attract the right type of woman for you?

Don’t be too desperate for the first girl that comes along! Fun girls and casual girls will display sexy images, whereas serious girls will simply use their portrait picture and let the chat take you where it should lead to..

Listen to her.

It’s good to show some sensitivity but not to much at the start. Just show some understanding and also, make sure you are fully understood! That way, despite having similar interests, you can build your bond.

Building a strong emotional bond has it’s pros and cons. As many people prefer to skip this chapter. Yet, for the long term, it is better to be open to new things and share your honest views and feelings. If the lady you like is happy to be with you, happy to speak to you and responds, this is a good sign.

Playing hard to get, as most self respecting women do can be hard to gauge and humour and comfort is the best way. That way they know they can feel comfortable with you and not feel you are just after one thing (hopefully not). But sexy is a good attribute also. 😉

Always be pleasant and smart and maintain that for the best result. If the potential date suddenly changes modes, that will not look good. So start as you mean to go on. If you have off days, it may be better to stay offline or give yourself space to reflect/rest.

With so many eligible women out there, why not use multiple dating sites and see who is available to meet. There are some who are willing to meet straight away. Make a good first impression and be a gentleman and take it from there.

Pet hates women have in dating: mentioning the family/mother too much, talking about ex girlfriends and talking about cheating and past hurts. Generally these are a big no no. You can mention it at the right time, but don’t rush straight in. Same goes for religion and politics. If you have anything to speak about, maybe do it after the 3rd date. It’s important to keep an open mind if you want a different partner from the ones you’ve had previously.

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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